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  • How to Get What You Want From Scene Negotiation

    Turn the kinky pre-discussion into a successful play session

    By Tess Dagger • 9 min read • ENGLISH

  • How to Outsmart Your Dom

    Ten things (not) to say to drive your top up the wall

    By Ena Dahl • 2 min read • ENGLISH

  • The Ins and Outs of Needle Play

    Facts about this rather prickly fetish, and why it may be more approachable than you think.

    By Tess Dagger • 9 min read • ENGLISH

  • The Ego, Shame & BDSM

    Can humiliation lead to healthier egos and better mental health?

    By Ena Dahl • 7 min read

  • Your Pain, My Pleasure

    Discovering the alluring links between pleasure and pain.

    By Ena Dahl • 10 min read • ENGLISH