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At SPNKD, you are in control and your pleasure reigns supreme


Your desires are welcome here

Deep in the heart of the world’s most stimulating cities is a hidden address where your desires are free to run wild. A safe space where discretion is guaranteed. An irresistible invitation to shed your shame and wear your kinks—and bruises—with pride.

A hidden address ensures complete privacy, only to be revealed upon a confirmed stay.

Exclusive access. Limitless possibilities. Discover yourself and each other in our Lofts today.

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Come and play, we don’t bite

Unless, of course, you ask. We host naughty private events for lovers to explore and master the art of desire.

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will be

The best lovers are eager to learn.

Expand your boundaries and dive deep into our guides from experts in kink and pleasure.

  • How to Get What You Want From Scene Negotiation

    Turn the kinky pre-discussion into a successful play session

    By Tess Dagger • 9 min read • ENGLISH

  • How to Outsmart Your Dom

    Ten things (not) to say to drive your top up the wall

    By Ena Dahl • 2 min read • ENGLISH


Take pleasure into your hands

Indulgent. Handcrafted. Yours for the taking.

Browse our exquisite toys and tools, made to stimulate and satisfy.

  • PUNISH | Crop | Black

  • PUNISH | Crop | Dark Chocolate

  • BIND Shibari Set | ropes