At SPNKD we care about your privacy. So for us it’s simple: we only use functional cookies. We don’t track you. We don’t place other companies cookies (3rd parties) to track you. After all, we don’t need to remind you once you’ve discovered SPNKD.

After all, once discovered, we don’t need to remind you of SPNKD. It’s kinda hard to forget.

The cookies we use are for:
– security
– keeping your language preferences
– keeping your cart information


In some cases we have to store personal information in order to do business with you. 

When do we collect your personal information?

1) By making a reservation for a Loft.
2) By purchasing in our Shop.
3) By registering for the Newsletter.

What personal information do we process?

This information includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and other information provided by the guest.

We save the information provided by the guest. Upon return we could use the information to provide a personalised service or to make a new reservation. If granted permission to do so by the guest, we could also process information in our email database. This database can be used for email campaigns and newsletters. Information provided by customers/guests can also be used in this database.

Why do we process this personal information?

SPNKD uses this personal information to establish and maintain a responsible commercial relationship with you and to provide ongoing service.

How do we ask for your permission to process your personal information?

For (commercial) newsletters and email campaigns we will explicitly ask for permission during the booking process, or in other ways to apply for the newsletters and offers. When permission is granted, the guest agrees with receiving personalised offers by SPNKD to the provided data.

SPNKD reserves the right to send existing customers information about our products and services.

If you want to be informed about what data we’ve processed or do not wish to receive such offers and information you can send an email to us. We can let you know what data we have and, if requested, delete the information processed by us.

To unsubscribe from our mailings and newsletter, you can simply click on the link ‘Unsubscribe’ in the newsletter itself. We will delete your information from our email-database.

How do we process general visitor information on our website?

All your personal data is securely stored on our own servers hosted in the EU. 

We use the Mailchimp platform for sending out newsletters. This implies that your email address is synced with Mailchimp when you sign-up for our newsletter. Mailchimp isn’t sharing any information with other parties. Read all about Mailchimp’s privacy here.