Where it all started.

Welcome to the home of SPNKD.

Antwerp is where our original vision for a secret, sensual Loft was born. A European design hub and underrated gem, the city’s sleek, modern style is part of our Loft’s design DNA. Antwerp’s elegance doesn’t scream—it whispers. And in our Loft, those whispers turn into sounds of pleasure. 

From bedtime to playtime

Our Antwerp Loft offers comfort when you want it, and discomfort when you crave it. 

Lie face down and beg for sweet punishment on the king size bed or leather bondage bed. The cage or St. Andrew’s cross awaits prisoners of pleasure.

Toys to tease and torture

At our Antwerp Loft, you’ll find all our favorite toys (and we bet yours too). Choose from a large flogger, leather paddles, 4- or 8-meter jute ropes, and restraints. Or go wild and use all of it.

Because the one thing you shouldn’t restrain is your imagination.

Skin, meet sensation

Melt into the soft warm embrace of the highest quality leather cuffs, collar, belts, and hog tie. Then shiver from the cold metal kiss of the spreader bar, wall and floor rings, and hoists. 

Our bamboo and rattan canes sing as they sting—which is to say, exquisitely. 

Get dirty as you desire

We’re obsessed with hygiene, so leave the cleanup to us. All furniture, play areas and tools in our Antwerp Loft are sanitized and deep cleaned before and after every stay.

Wash away your sins

Our bathroom and wet area is equipped with a rainfall shower and bath for your filthiest fantasies or to clean up in comfort. 

Towels, bath and body products, tissues and hair dryer are included for when the fun is done.