Rope Jam - Intimate Rope with Marie Sauvage and Conor Aphilia


This Event is for individuals and duos with basic knowledge of rope play, seeking an immersive and liberating evening of exploration, connection, and playful abandon in the artful world of pleasure through ropes.

Time & Location

Saturday January 20th, The doors open at 20u and close at 21u ,please be on time.
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 75/ per person


This event promises an immersive and liberating atmosphere where exploration, connection, and playful abandon are embraced in the artful world of pleasure through rope.

Join us on January 20 at SPNKD, Antwerp, for a mesmerizing evening of sensual exploration with Marie Sauvage’s Intimate Rope Jam. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Marie and guest teacher cnr.aphilia as they collaborate in a special demonstration. Witness the chemistry between these two experts as they bring their unique styles together for a night of captivating rope play. 

This informal gathering is designed as a casual and collaborative space for individuals eager to explore and enhance their interest in rope play. We encourage participants to attend this rope jam with a (play)partner—someone you can either tie or be tied by. Tickets are available for individual purchase.

The rope jam will take place from 20u00 until 01u00, allowing ample time for you to indulge in an array of creative ties and connections. 

Participants should have a good understanding of the fundamental safety principles and techniques, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The rope jam will accommodate 26 guests, creating an intimate setting that encourages personal interactions and shared experiences. Participants will have the exciting opportunity to be tied by Marie and/or Conor Aphilia, ask they won’t bite (unless you ask!).

The studio has five suspension points, enabling participants to explore the exhilarating world of partial or full suspension if they so desire. The rope jam is an opportunity to push your boundaries and discover new facets of rope play in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Prepare yourself for an evening of connection, exploration, and artistic expression through rope play. An evening where you can deepen existing connections, meet new friends, or simply revel in the joy of rope. 

Photography by Jean Bravo @mrtakeiteazy

Marie Sauvage

For Marie, shibari is a celebration of this intimacy. By reveling in the eroticized human body, the elegant lines of rope defy the pull of gravity, transcending both muse and audience to a realized freedom. One is left spellbound in the perfume of Marie’s performance.” -Alina Mahalic, The Beauty Cult

Marie Sauvage is a boundary-breaking artist known for her unique approach to Shibari, a Japanese art form involving rope tying. Studying art and finding inspiration in live drawing classes, she embraces the beauty of the human form in her performances. With a feminine perspective, she has made Shibari more accessible and intriguing to a broader audience, going beyond traditional SM culture to emphasize mutual trust and vulnerability. Marie’s authentic and sensual performances create a mesmerizing experience that celebrates the intimate connection between the rigger, muse, and audience.

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Conor Aphilia

“I have studied the techniques, emotions and aesthetics of the Japanese masters and, from their knowledge, developed an adaptive and inclusive style that is open to everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, size or flexibility. My background in design has given me a unique approach to Rope, a constantly evolving blend of Western & Eastern aesthetics & perspectives.”  Read more here

Photography by @Hentie_ropes


The timing

  • 20u – 21u Arrival (The doors open at 20u and close at 21u , please be on time.)
  • 20u – 21u30 Welcome drink/ Social Hour 
  • 21u30 – 22u Intimate demo by Marie Sauvage and Conor Aphilia 
  • 22u – 01u Rope jam – Get Tied by Marie or Conor Aphilia 
  • 01u End of night 


Dress comfortably and freely for the rope jam, expressing your unique style and personality. This special occasion celebrates creativity and connection, so feel empowered to come as you are and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the event. Please note, it is pleasantly warm in our Playroom because of the floor heating. 


For those who may need ropes or wish to expand their collection, fret not! High-quality ropes will be available for purchase at the studio before the workshop begins. Or be prepared & Purchase your set here

Who can attend

This Rope Jam is limited to 26 guests, ensuring an intimate and focused experience for all participants.


For those arriving by car, there is a chance to find street parking or nearby options. Alternatively, a larger paying parking (Parking Pidpa) lot is available just a 7-minute walk from the studio. If you prefer public transport, Antwerp South station is conveniently situated within a 10-minute walk from the studio.


During the rope jam, you are more than welcome to take pictures. For everyone’s comfort, please ensure that no one else is inadvertently captured in your frames without their explicit permission.


Contact us on info@spnkd.com


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