Marie Sauvage x SPNKD Performance Night

For Lovers & Rulers

The setting will be divine.
Elevated erotism will fill the room.
Curated by Marie Sauvage, Hosted by SPNKD

Time & Location

Saturday September 3,

Doors open 20:30 – 21:30
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 100 / per person
(bites & drinks included)


It’s the collaboration we’ve all been waiting for; as she walks through the doors of SPNKD the atmosphere changes, deep feminine power embalms the loft, paired with this, the unmistakable & difficult to ignore sensual flair of Marie will sway your balance ever so slightly. 

30 attendees; bound by the surreal & floating through the evening experiencing feelings and sensations felt for the first time. 

The performance, supported by her muse and friend Noa will last for approx. 35min.. Marie will claim your full attention and focus, pulling you into her world. What she will do will remain a mystery until the very last minute.

In Marie’s world, there is rarely a dominant or submissive. The rigger and muse are equal participants, in a utopian space where mutual trust and vulnerability yield beautiful results. Marie does not rehearse her Shibari, lending each performance her authentic, signature flair” –Alina Mahalic, The Beauty Cult

Our 1 request is that you leave your set ideas about shibari at the door, embrace the intimate flow, tap into your voyeuristic side. It’s permitted at SPNKD, – hell, we encourage it! Let your eyes wander. Warning, Goosebump might appear. 

Enable your erotic curiosity and take advantage of her presence, during the social break you’ll get the chance to interact & approach her, ask wisely.

Finally the cherry on top; free play is permitted after the second performance, we encourage you to bring your ropes or purchase your very own set during the evening. The loft is your playground & Marie Sauvage will be your guide.

The Teacher

“For Marie, shibari is a celebration of this intimacy. By reveling in the eroticized human body, the elegant lines of rope defy the pull of gravity, transcending both muse and audience to a realized freedom. One is left spellbound in the perfume of Marie’s performance.” -Alina Mahalic, The Beauty Cult

Her journey started in 2017, after meeting a well known and respected Shibari Master she since then went her own way. Having traveled wide and far, you can say she is a rope nomad, seeking out sensual sparks and empowering wandering rope souls.

Once we heard Marie was visiting, we were delighted to give her a space to perform, teach and discover.  Her undeniable female force is to be reckoned with, she exudes strength and vulnerability mixed with an overwhelming sense of erotism. Don’t be fooled by her petite stature, she has rigged every gender, age and size.


What will happen?

The doors open at 20u30 and close at 21u30. By 21u45 the first performance will take place, at 22u30 there will be a social break. Performance number 2 will start at 23u15 until 00u. Free play is permitted/encouraged until the end of the evening around 2u. Drinks and snacks will be served throughout the evening. 

What to wear?

Dress like a Lover or a Ruler. When entering the world of SPNKD you need to dress to impress. Think classy & sexy,  lingerie & suits. Add as much kink as you want. Tempting textures like satin, leather, lace or latex. Express yourself. Whether in a gorgeous dress or a sleek suit, wear something that makes you feel seductive.

Who can attend?

Are you intrigued by the world of kink? is shibari something which remains a mystery or do you finally want to see Marie Sauvage Perform live? then this evening is for you! 

 Treat yourself to the solo adventure, bring your Lover or surprise your friend. As long as you arrive with an open mind you are welcome.

What about my privacy?

During the event a photographer will be present to capture fragments of the performance and overall mood of the evening. Frontal face photo’s or videos will not be taken, he will mainly focus on the performance of Marie Sauvage. Please do not hesitate to inform the photographer if you do not want to be visible in any shape or form.