Inspirational Rope Workshop - Mr Hajime Kinoko x SPNKD

Afternoon Session 14u-17u

This workshop is for those who are interested in starting their rope journey or want to strengthen their foundation with the inspirational know-how of our guest teacher/rigger Mr Hajime kinoko. 

Time & Location

Sunday 29, 14u00– 17u00
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft

Doors open at 13u30 close at 14u

End of Workshop at 17u 


€ 250/ couple


At SPNKD we believe that we learn best through play and Mr Hajime Kinoko is an expert at play. 

Creating visuals which will make you question reality. His unique ties incorporating nature (such as trees and rocks), as well as projects involving the innovative use of space have especially won praise. 

During this 3 hour workshop, he will teach you his particular rope vocabulary. Sharing knowledge about shapes, style and figures. Emphasizing aesthetics and revealing how to frame the model’s beauty. 

Sign up for your afternoon session of Sunday Worship & attend the Rope Workshop by Mr Hajime Kinoko at SPNKD on Sunday 29th of January, from 14u – 17u. 

The level of the workshop. Please note this workshop is for people seeking inspiration and unique rope knowledge. Mr Kinoko will demonstrate floor work as well as suspension work. It is therefore essential you master the single column tie. Mr Hajime Kinoko will adapt the level of the workshop to the riggers present. 

Please bring a plus one, be it a lover or friend and your own set of ropes.

Pssst.. We sell sets of rope which will be available to purchase during the evening. 

The Teacher: Mr Hajime Kinoko

Mr Kinoko started his rope journey in 2001, introduced in the art by his girlfriends interest, and learned the ropes as an autodidact. 

Around 2003, Kinoko started to manage a fetish bar, he polished his skills by interacting and getting advice from many rope-loving customers such as Teru, this is when he met rope master Akechi Denki who was holding workshops at the bar. 

In 2008, Kinoko began taking lessons from Kanna, who was a student of Akechi Denki and teacher of Teru. 

The following year, Kanna announced his retirement, and left the rope community for several years. After that, Kinoko hesitated whether to quit rope and tried to ask Kanna to teach him again. 

Kanna preferred to stay away from the rope community, so Kinoko gave up on that.

Meanwhile, Kinoko met Haruki Yukimura, and took lessons from him for several years. From Yukimura, Kinoko learned how to interact with the models and show their body lines aesthetically.

In 2018, Kinoko decided to consider Yukimura and Kanna as his “onshi” (teacher he has debt of gratitude to). He then calls Yumeko, his first teacher who supported him for 10 years, his “shisho” (master teacher). 

Mr Kinoko wants to spread the joy of kinbaku to the public. In this sense, he has also been influenced by Nobuyoshi Araki who does just that. (Source: http://shibari.jp)

The timing

The doors open at 13u30 and close at 13u50, so please be on time. The workshop starts at 14u. Mr Hajime Kinoko will be teaching the workshop from 14u until 17u. Drinks and snacks will be served throughout the afternoon. 


For the workshop it is best to wear something light and comfortable. When in ropes we advise to wear something figure hugging, this will enable the rigger to position his/her ropes precisely and safely on the body. Please note you are more than welcome to wear anything in which you feel most comfortable. 

It is pleasantly warm in our playroom because of the floor heating. The focus during the workshop is on transferring information and ‘learning’ techniques. Please note, this is not an erotic workshop!

Who can attend?

Please note this workshop is for people seeking inspiration and unique rope knowledge. Mr Hajime Kinoko will demonstrate floor work as well as suspension work. It is therefore essential you master the single column tie.

Private Workshop

On Saturday the 28th of January there is one available time slot during noon/afternoon for a private session with Mr Hajime Kinoko at the studio. Please send us an email if you are interested and require more information. The info: The private session will be tailored to your level of Shibari. The fee is €500 per couple for an intensive 2 hour session with Mr Hajime Kinoko, drinks/snacks included. Please bring your own ropes or purchase them at the beginning of the workshop.


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