CLUB SPNKD Part Two - Where Desire Plays

Immerse yourself in an evening of electrifying kink and dance at the sultry underground haven, Jo-An in Antwerp. Join us where desire rules for an unforgettable night!

Time & Location

Friday May 17th 2024 

Doors open 22u & close at 23u
Antwerp, Jo-An Club


€ 80 / Per person


As the night unfolds, four playful acts will merge within the crowd, each contributing to the seductive atmosphere. The venue, shrouded in secrecy, promises an experience like no other, making it the perfect canvas for your most daring desires.

During this night Play&Dance rules. Feel inspired to bring rope or canes. Make the evening yours, attend adorned by leather, cuffs or even chains.

This edition boasts a dynamic lineup featuring two DJs who will ensure the pulse of the night matches the rhythm of your heart. But the thrill doesn’t stop there—brace yourself for a thrilling collaboration with BDSM architecture, designed to amplify and awaken your most primal instincts.

But that’s not all—anticipate the presence of 200 esteemed guests, each contributing to the electric energy that will course through the venue. And to add an extra layer of excitement, an in-house spanker will be on hand to elevate the night’s intensity.


Molten Metals—think gold, silver, copper, rose gold, bronze, and brass. Let the metallic hues influence the color, texture, or feel of your outfit as you step into a world where sensuality knows no bounds. Be as daring as you like. 

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Location & directions 

Jo-an is located at Desguinlei 94, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium. A SPNKD member will welcome you upon arrival. If you take public transport, It’s Bus 17 stop Desingel or Trams 2 or 6 stop Desingel, both a 5 min walk. It’s a 20min walk from the train station Antwerp Zuid.  


The doors open at 22u, Please arrive before they close at 23u. We kindly request that you avoid multiple entries and exits throughout the evening. There is a designated smoking area inside the venue. 

Personal belongings

Coats and bags can be securely stored at the coat check. Limited changing cabins will be provided, though we recommend arriving dressed in your final outfit. 


If you arrive by car, you can park at the parking lot at the hotel (paying) or at the parking lot across the Albert Hein which will be a 7 min walk from the venue. Alternatively, a larger paying parking lot Pidpa is available at a 15min walk from Jo-An.  

Pre Dinner/drinks 

Overnight accommodation options  

House Rules


Consistently prioritize enthusiastic consent in all interactions. Regularly check in with your partner(s) and respect any shifts in boundaries or comfort levels. 


Do you feel unsafe or have witnessed unsafe behavior please speak up & Address a member of jo-An or SPNKD.  Remain aware and look after one another. 

Drink responsibly 

Please drink responsibly during our event, excessive alcohol consumption can impair judgment and consent. – stay hydrated, know your limits and look out for each other’s well-being 


The only ‘highs’ we offer at our nightclub are in the melodies and rhythms – We prioritize the well-being of our guests, and therefore, we maintain a drug policy that prohibits the use or possession of illegal substances within the club premises.  

Privacy & photos  

Please refrain from using smartphones on the dance floor/play area to ensure the privacy of our guests. However, to capture memorable moments, a photo booth will be available for your use. 

A SPNKD Member will also be circulating with a polaroid to capture you upon request during the event. Additionally, a videographer/photographer will be present to capture atmosphere photos of the event without focusing on individual guests.

Community Guidelines


  • Play is permitted throughout the venue, be mindful of your surroundings. 
  • Public play does not mean that you are entitled to join. Playspace is personal space. Acknowledge people’s personal space and boundaries at all times
  • Intimacy; in the mood? Enhance your intimate experience with our complimentary sanitary supplies, including lube, condoms, pads, and wipes. Intimacy is allowed throughout the venue, however, please ensure the space is left tidy and clean afterward.


  • We wholeheartedly embrace a spirit of play, and you’re invited to bring your own tools. You can either leave your bags at the coat check or choose to bring them into the play area at your discretion. 
  • Please keep in mind the available space; larger bullwhips may not be suitable for our setup. Anything that can be used as a hazardous weapon such as bats, needles and knuckle dusters are not allowed. 
  • There is no suspension point, however feel free to use the space and BDSM furniture to your advantage.  

Not Permitted 

  • Sharps play 
  • Fire Play 
  • Bodily Fluid Play 

Questions? Contact us at eveline@spnkd.com