The best lovers are eager to learn

Duik diep in de prikkelende onderwerpen van onze vertrouwde masters of kink. Lees, leer, en verander de slaapkamer in je klaslokaal. De meest zondige studenten zullen een verdiende straf krijgen.

Now pay attention. Je erotische opvoeding begint hier. 

Ready for some naughty input?

  • Is Submission an Excuse to Be Lazy in Bed?

    The active role of the ‘passive’ part in a D/s dynamic

    By Ena Dahl • 6 min read • ENGLISH

  • How To Find The 'Perfect' Play Partner?

    How, where, and what to look for – as well as a few things to watch out for

    By Ena Dahl • 8 min read • ENGLISH

  • How to Get What You Want From Scene Negotiation

    Turn the kinky pre-discussion into a successful play session

    By Tess Dagger • 9 min read • ENGLISH

  • How to Outsmart Your Dom

    Ten things (not) to say to drive your top up the wall

    By Ena Dahl • 2 min read • ENGLISH

  • The Ins and Outs of Needle Play

    Facts about this rather prickly fetish, and why it may be more approachable than you think.

    By Tess Dagger • 9 min read • ENGLISH

  • The Ego, Shame & BDSM

    Can humiliation lead to healthier egos and better mental health?

    By Ena Dahl • 7 min read

  • Your Pain, My Pleasure

    Discovering the alluring links between pleasure and pain.

    By Ena Dahl • 10 min read • ENGLISH