Talk and Q&A  - Surrender in ropes by Natasha Nawatneko


Join us for an insightful evening, as Natasha NawaTaNeko presents “Surrender in Ropes,” a talk exploring the emotional and transformative aspects of rope bondage.

Time & Location

Friday September 20, 19:00 –  22:00
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 50 / per person


In 2020, Natasha published a book about rope bottoming and its potential for personal, intimate self-exploration: “Somatics for Rope Bottoms”. The book consists of 12 essays – somatic inquiries – that inspire readers to seek the answers within their own bodies and reclaim their agency over the most important decisions that arise when we choose to explore kink.

In this talk, Natasha will share the story of her personal journey in ropes as well as her ideas about surrender and seme-nawa (tormenting rope) style. Natasha will talk about: 

  • conditioned tendencies and resistance, 
  • habits of control and tolerance, 
  • communication and partner dynamics in rope, 
  • integrating the impact of the rope and containing our experience without freezing or flying away, 
  • reconnecting with our sense of safety, 
  • finding clarity about our desires, needs and limitations…

After the talk, there will be time for Q&A. A few copies of the book will be available for purchase during the evening

More information about Natasha and her work can be found here: Website: www.RopeSomatics.com 

IG / Fetlife @nawataneko

The expert: Natasha Nawatenko 

Natasha is a Russian-born, Berlin-based experienced rope bottom, performer and educator. In Kinbaku she searches for true emotion and authenticity and sees rope bondage as a deeply intimate and erotic practice that also has a profound potential for personal transformation.

Drawing on her background in Sexological Bodywork, a decade of rope bottoming experience, and her studies in bodywork and movement, Natasha brings various somatic aspects such as breathing, sound, posture, non-verbal communication, and placement of attention into her teaching.