Rope Workshop - Refine the basics


So you know your bondage basics… now you’re hungry for more. Level up your shibari skills with new ties and techniques, giving you more confidence and finesse on the ropes.

Time & Location

Saturday 19 June, 10:00 – 13:00
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 100 / couple


A great workshop for those who already have some experience with ropes and master the basic Shibari techniques. You want to expand your knowledge and building on the things you already know. We bring a new perspective on your knowledge and build on it to get more out of it. Learn new techniques to help you take the next step in your Shibari journey. Deepen not only on the how but also gain insights into the why .

Learn from the master! This workshop will be given by Dimebag (FetLife: _Dimebag_).

Some basic skills are prefered for this workshop: Single and double column tie can be done quickly and you already have some experience with shibari.


– Discover different Shibari styles
– Learn 2 new ties
– Combining ties into a larger Shibari piece
– Personal tips & tricks
– Q&A

But most of all, learn bondage by practicing the ties of the day.


– Safety is key
– Please bring a partner to practice the different ties.
– Wear whatever feels comfortable. But keep in mind that clothing has to be fitted for bondage.


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