Rope Workshop - Refine the basics


So you know your bondage basics… now you’re hungry for more. Level up your shibari skills with new ties and techniques, giving you more confidence and finesse on the ropes.

Time & Location

Friday 1 October, 19:00 – 22:00
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 100 / couple

For lovers who have mastered the basics of rope play, it’s time to level up. Build on your bondage knowledge and expand your limits by learning new ties and techniques to bring even greater pleasure to your erotic play.

Important: Some experience with shibari is required. You must be able to execute single and double column ties quickly and easily.

In this three-hour workshop for intermediate bondage lovers, rope master Dimebag (FetLife: _Dimebag_) will cover:
– Different Shibari styles
– Two new ties
– Combining ties into a larger shibari piece
– Troubleshooting: personal tips and tricks

Your safety and comfort are of utmost importance. Please wear fitted comfortable clothing that hugs the body.


For the workshop it is best to wear something light and comfortable. Make sure that you wear clothes that fit. That makes it easier for you to tie.

It is pleasantly warm in our Playroom because of the floor heating. The focus during the workshop is on transferring information and ‘learning’ techniques. Please note, this is not an erotic workshop! The clothes stay on.


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