Rope Workshop - Introduction


Have you always been interested in bondage? Want to start your own Shibari journey? This beginners workshop is perfect for you!

Time & Location

Sunday 27 June, 14:00 – 17:00
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 100 / couple


Maybe you have ropes and you are ready to use them. Or you are curious about the world of bondage but have no clue where to start. Perhaps you were inspired by some beautiful bondage pictures or have seen something at an event that made you curious. You want to learn the base techniques of Shibari and want to learn about safety. This workshop is for everyone who wants to explore their knowledge about bondage.

Learn from the master! This workshop will be given by Dimebag (FetLife: _Dimebag_).

Main purpose of this workshop is that you will be learning about Shibari in a nice atmosphere. By the end of this workshop you are able to bring some ties to practice in the SPNKD Loft.


– What is Shibari/Kinbaku
– Types of rope to use
– All about safety when performing bondage
– Different principles and concepts of Shibari

But most of all, learn bondage by practicing the ties of the day.


– Safety is key
– Please bring a partner to practice the different ties.
– Wear whatever feels comfortable. But keep in mind that clothing has to be fitted for bondage.


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