Rope Jam - Hosted by Natasha Nawataneko & Alexander Ma


Experience an exclusive Rope Jam featuring an intimate demonstration by Kinbaku experts Natasha NawaTaNeko and Alexander Ma, showcasing their unique skills and deep emotional connection in a dynamic and immersive setting.

Time & Location
Saturday 21, 19u – 01u (Doors close at 19u30)
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft

€ 75/ per person


Join us for an extraordinary evening as Natasha NawaTaNeko and Alexander showcase their expertise in Kinbaku.

Natasha, a Berlin-based Kinbaku expert, draws on her extensive experience as a rope bottom and educator to deliver a performance together with her life partner and rigger Alexander. With over 20 years in BDSM, he combines his passion for energy exchange and sensory exploration with a profound commitment to Japanese Rope Bondage. His multifaceted experience, including roles as rigger, sadist, and sensualist, creates a dynamic environment where rope can both soothe and provoke, crafting a space of profound intimacy and interaction.

Witness their intimate demonstration at the Rope Jam, where Natasha and Alexander will bring their unique perspectives and skills to life. This exclusive opportunity allows you to experience their artistry up close and immerse yourself in the profound connection of Kinbaku.

After the demo – our studio becomes your playground.

The rope jam will take place from 19u until 01u, allowing ample time for you to indulge in an array of creative ties and connections. Doors open at 19u, close at 19u30 please be on time.

This is not a formal workshop, but rather a free-flowing event meant for individuals and couples who already possess basic knowledge of rope play. Participants should have a good understanding of the fundamental safety principles and techniques, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The rope jam will accommodate 30 Guests, creating an intimate setting that encourages personal interactions and shared experiences.

For guests attending without a rope partner; Please be aware that there is no guarantee to tie or get tied if attending by yourself. Please adjust your expectations accordingly and approach the night with an open mind.

The studio has five suspension points, enabling participants to explore the exhilarating world of partial or full suspension if they so desire. The rope jam is an opportunity to push your boundaries and discover new facets of rope play in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Meet the experts

Meet the Experts:

Natasha  is dedicated to finding true emotion and authenticity through rope bondage, viewing it as a deeply transformative and intimate practice. Her background in Sexological Bodywork and a decade of hands-on experience shape her teaching, focusing on how to use rope to enhance emotional and physical experiences

Website: www.RopeSomatics.com  IG / Fetlife @nawataneko

Alexander explores the magic and energy of physical and emotional contact. His journey in BDSM, culminating in Japanese Rope Bondage, reflects his fascination with the interplay of sensations. Together with Natasha, they have created a private studio in Berlin, where their shared passion for rope and intimacy thrives.

Website: https://discoverkinbaku.com/en/


The timing

The doors open at 19u and close at 19u30 , please be on time.


Dress comfortably and freely for the rope jam, expressing your unique style and personality. This special occasion celebrates creativity and connection, so feel empowered to come as you are and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the event. Please note, it is pleasantly warm in our Playroom because of the floor heating. 


For those who may need ropes or wish to expand their collection, fret not! High-quality ropes will be available for purchase at the studio before the workshop begins. Or be prepared & Purchase your set here

Who can attend

This workshop is limited to 30 guests, ensuring an intimate and focused experience for all participants. the night is meant for couples, duo’s and individuals already familiar with the basics of rope play. We encourage participants to have a good understanding of fundamental safety principles and techniques, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


For those arriving by car, there is a chance to find street parking or nearby options. Alternatively, a larger paying parking (Parking Pidpa) lot is available just a 7-minute walk from the studio. If you prefer public transport, Antwerp South station is conveniently situated within a 10-minute walk from the studio.


During the rope jam, you are more than welcome to take pictures. To ensure everyone’s comfort, please ensure that no one else is inadvertently captured in your frames without their explicit permission.


Contact us on info@spnkd.com


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