Couples Workshop - Ren Yagami

Advanced Shibari

Ren Yagami is one of the young rising stars in the Japanese Shibari scene. He will teach how to reveal the physical and spiritual Eros energies by using Shibari and Pressure Points. Prepare to be entranced, enlightened, and inspired by the boundless creativity and deep passion that Ren brings to the world of Shibari.

Time & Location

Friday October 27, 19:00 –  23:00
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 350 / per couple


In collaboration with Studio Tiey we organise a unique workshop for Lovers & Rulers with good knowledge of the Shibari basics. 

Prepare to embark on a journey into the world of sensual and mesmerising artistry as we introduce you to the Japanese Shibari master, Ren Yagami. Ren Yagami is not just a practitioner but a true virtuoso in the ancient and captivating art of Shibari, a traditional Japanese form of rope bondage that transcends mere restraint to become a form of artistic expression and emotional connection.

Ren Yagami’s approach to Shibari goes beyond the physicality of rope bondage; it delves into the realms of trust, vulnerability, and profound communication between the artist and their subject. Through this art form, Yagami seeks to create an environment where individuals can explore their innermost desires, express their emotions, and experience the exquisite interplay between restraint and liberation.


  • Brief introduction to Yagami-ryu the rope style of Yagami
  • Performance of unlocking sensual body energy with model Asako 麻子.
  • Yagami will tie individual students to let them experience the the physical and spiritual Eros energies by using Shibari and Pressure Points.
  • Introduction on the techniques used to reveal the sensual energies.

The Teacher: Ren Yagami

Ren Yagami’s name is synonymous with innovation and creativity within the Shibari community. With a profound understanding of the history and philosophy behind this intricate practice, Yagami seamlessly weaves traditional techniques with a modern twist, creating a unique and breathtaking experience that captivates both the mind and the senses.

Ren Yagami’s performances and workshops have garnered international acclaim, attracting enthusiasts and curious souls alike from around the globe. Whether you are an experienced Shibari practitioner or someone seeking an extraordinary and transformative experience, Ren Yagami’s mastery promises an unforgettable journey into the world of Shibari, where art and sensuality intertwine to create a profound and unforgettable connection.


For the workshop it is best to wear something light and comfortable. Make sure that you wear clothes that fit. That makes it easier for you to tie. It is pleasantly warm in our Playroom because of the floor heating.