Professional Couple Photoshoot

Afternoon Session

Do you want to discover the connection with your partner in the most sensual way?

Book a 3 hours session at SPNKD with top photographer Ron P. Gilman.

Including professional make-up and styling.

Time & Location

Saturday 16 October,

14:00 – 17:30
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 1.500

Do you want to discover the connection with your partner in the most sensual way? Do you want to celebrate each others desires? A couple shoot at SPNKD is more than just a photo session. It helps couples to connect and awaken their inner desires. 

What to expect from a couple photoshoot at SPNKD?

During the photoshoot you’ll get to explore what you love about your relationship and each other. We live in a time of hustle and bustle and it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day. We naturally drift away. SPNKD will help you to awaken that lost desire. 

1. Preparations

Your photographic session starts with a phone call where we will take you on a journey. Together we’ll develop a plan on how to picture both of you in the best light. We’ll discover your connection and your desires as a couple so we can capture the feeling in the best possible way. Some couples send us some inspirational pictures upfront. If you’ve never done a photoshoot like this before, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way.

2. The session

You’ll feel empowered, connected, desired and like a badass movie star as we capture your photos. The session starts with a selection of outfits and professional hair & makeup at our Loft. This prepares you to feel relaxed and at your best. We create the right mood to capture what is unique about you and your relationship.

You’ll be photographed in the level of clothing you feel most comfortable with. Positive vibes only.

3. Your pictures

At the end of the session we’ll preview the raw material on a tablet. This is probably one of the best parts of the session. We’ll send you a pre selection of the best images after the shoot. You can choose 10 favourite images out of the long list. Those images will be retouched and digitally delivered to you within 2 weeks after the shoot.

4. Your privacy

We will not share or show your photos unless you ask us to. The couples you see on our website or on our Instagram have expressly asked us to show their photos because they were so in love with them.


How much clothing do we have to take off during the Shoot?

Just dress as comfortable as you want. You can add as much ‘kink’ as you like. Some couples get fully nude at the end of their session others don’t. It’s entirely up to you.

What if I feel like I don’t have the right body for a photoshoot?

SPNKD adores every body type and this shoot is for every body. A photoshoot is by nature a body positive experience. Many times our partners love our bodies much more than we love our own. This experience helps people who feel too skinny or too fluffy to fall in love with themselves through their partner’s eyes. So bring your body to the session and we’ll make you feel comfortable! 

Am I too old for this?

We don’t know your age, but you’re absolutely not too old. Many couples discover their personal desires at a later age. We love this and we want to be there photographing it. We do have a minimum age of 18+.

Can I be sure the pictures are kept private?

Privacy is key at SPNKD. The sessions are private for your eyes only unless you decide differently.

Can I just watch you photograph my partner? 

You can watch us photograph your partner if you want to. However, we encourage you to do the shoot together. It’s only fair.

Do we get to have sex during our SPNKD Photoshoot? 

No we don’t do pornography. Squeezing, hugging, caressing, holding and grabbing is what we photograph. You’ll be directed through poses so no time for sex. However, this can be a perfect foreplay to extend the session at home.

Do you offer hair & makeup? 

Yes, hair & makeup for 1 person is included. If you both want hair & makeup please let us know so that we can make arrangements. 

Can I bring drinks? 

No need to bring drinks. We have a fridge full of refreshments but also coffee and tea. All yours to take. We’ve got you covered!

How long does the shoot take? 

You are at SPNKD for about 3 hours. 1 hour for welcome and makeup and 2 hours of photographing.

How many pictures do I get and how can I use them?

With every shoot we make a pre selection of the best images. You can choose 10 favourite images out of the long list. Those images will be retouched and digitally delivered to you within 2 weeks after the shoot. You can order prints separately. 

The images are for personal use only and can’t be sold to 3th parties without agreement of the photographer. The images can’t be used for commercial purposes.