SPNKD Dine & Play party @ Laila Antwerp

For Lovers & Rulers

The setting at this rooftop restaurant will be divine. The guests will be sexy.
And the pleasure will be overflowing. A luxury dinner hosted by SPNKD at Laila – A sexy party. Not a sex party.

Time & Location

Sunday 05 June,
Apero 18:30 – 19:30
Dinner Party @ Laila, Antwerp
Afterparty @ SPNKD


€ 225 / pp dinner all in
€ 75 / pp afterparty @ SPNKD


Feel like fancy food and dirty dancing? We found the most perfect venue! Attend our first private Dine & Play event at the most perfect setting imaginable outside the SPNKD walls.

We’re bringing those SPNKD vibes to Laila by Boker Tov, where we combine dirty dancing and kinky play with a fine dining experience.

We invite your gorgeous selves to put on the finest outfits and most elegant suits. Meet like-minded lovers and Rulers and prepare for an unforgettable night of fine dining, erotic freedom and fantasy, with utmost discretion assured.

Need more convincing? Laila is located on the 9th floor, offering you a 360° view of the beautiful city of Antwerp. Enjoy some bites and drinks at their rooftop and enter a night full of decadent fantasies.

Can’t stand the heat and want to continue the party somewhere else with a smaller crowd for a more intimate experience? Your Desires will lead the way! Book your ticket separately for the SPNKD afterparty. Limited places available! Discover Laila

What do you need to know

The Dinner at Laila

What can you expect from the Laila x SPNKD dinner? 
Enjoy a luxury 7 course dinner with drinks included.
This dinner is a safe space to experience your BDSM dynamic in what is usually a more vanilla setting, the table will now become the landscape of your own desires, this time collars and cuffs can be worn without the judgemental looks, crops are the new sweet cheek caresses, being fed or eating until your authorised to do so by your other half/play partner is encouraged and welcomed. 
You can attend by yourself or by booking a table with your friends/lovers. 
There will be a singles table, if you register by yourself you’ll be seated at the singles table. 
Of course the dinner wouldn’t be a SPNKD diner without a delicious twist provided by us.

Rope Service

Always been curious about rope and how it feels or craves to be wrapped surrounded by all that is succulent. Your prayers will be answered, and desires fulfilled. 

Foot Service

Beautiful outfits come with the pain, right, Ladies?! We’ve got you covered at SPNKD, with our foot service a dutiful slave/admirer will take care of the most looked over part. Admiring every little inch, treating it with the utmost care and vigilance. Men are very welcome to make use of this service too. 

Miss V – Mistress of ceremony

Miss V will attend the diner as one of the honorary guests; She has a fierce passion for creating beautiful experiences and for dominating. Professional Dominatrix Miss V. is passionate about this. Since 2010 she has been playing, experiencing and witnessing the intense world of Kink and BDSM with her versatile fetish scenes, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Giving shows, demos, workshops, organising parties… She did it all.

Dancing and prancing is very much allowed between courses.


Arrive in grandeur or change into your most beautiful attire at the venue to keep the curious eyes at bay. Dress like a Lover or a Ruler. When entering the world of SPNKD you need to dress to impress. Think classy & sexy, lingerie & suits. Add as much kink as you want. Tempting textures like satin, leather, lace or latex. Express yourself. Whether in a gorgeous dress or a sleek suit, wear something that makes you feel seductive. A discrete nude. 

The Afterparty at SPNKD 

We invite your filthiest selves to put on the finest lingerie and most elegant suits. Meet like-minded lovers who will inspire you with their twisted games. And prepare for an unforgettable night of erotic freedom and fantasy, with utmost discretion assured. Pure luxury. Pure privacy. Pure desire. A Private Play Party, pure SPNKD style.

Only 16 guests can buy tickets online. First come, first served. However we keep two extra give away tickets for the most interesting couple during the dinner.

Flow of the afterparty 
The start of the party will be at 23u30, doors close at 00u30
We let the party come to an organic end around 04u00

Taxi shuttle service
Want to attend the afterparty? Park your car at the SPNKD venue. SPNKD provides a shuttle service to Laila and back.
Taxi shuttle service from SPNKD to Laila: 18u15 – 18u45
Taxi shuttle service from Laila to SPNKD: 23u30 – 00u30


Who is coming? 

For the diner to have the ultimate intimate experience we are inviting around 40 guests, this will be a mix of couples and singles. For the Afterparty we allow 20 guests to join.

Are there any rules during diner? 

To make sure everyone enjoys their dinner no visible genitals are allowed, however you can get creative and give special attention underneath the table. Because we love the location so much please restrain from knife and candle wax play. 

How about dietary requirements/restrictions 

Please Contact us via mail before May 22nd when you have any special dietary requirements. The Diner consists of One menu composed by 9 courses, using only fresh ingredients. The Chef will be more than happy to adapt to your needs. Non-alcoholic drinks will also be available, make sure to mention it to your waitress. 

Can we bring our own implements?

Smaller items are welcome, such as crops, paddles, rope, canes. Because of the limited space and focus on the event being a dinner we prefer to keep it compact. The bigger implements are welcome at the SPNKD after party. We will make sure to have our new collars, cuffs and crops at the event for you to have a look and feel,– maybe go home with one as a reminder of the most exciting dinner yet. 

How about privacy?

When you take pictures make sure no other guests are included, respect others’ privacy. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that we have measures in place to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your evening with us. Our final guest list will be closed to ensure maximum discretion for all attendees. You can ask if specific people will join to avoid awkward encounters. It’s strictly forbidden to take pictures at a SPNKD party.

What will happen at the afterparty?

What happens at SPNKD stays at SPNKD…
All you need to know is that our exclusive venue will be the playground of your most decadent fantasies as the night plays out the way you want it to. Are you excited to come and play?
Our parties have no obligation to do anything you don’t want to do, so go at your own pace and enjoy. If you prefer to enjoy the view and have a drink, that’s fine.