Event - Performance Night by Marie Sauvage

For Lovers & Rulers

Be mesmerized by Marie Sauvage’s captivating performance night, where art, sensuality, and the enchantment of Shibari come together in a spellbinding experience.

Time & Location

Saturday September 30,

Doors open 20:30 – 21:30
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 100 / per person
(bites & drinks included)


On September 30th, Marie Sauvage will unveil her mastery of seduction in a mesmerizing performance night. Witness an extraordinary display of sensuality, artistry, and raw passion as Marie transports you to a world where fantasies become reality. Supported by her partner in crime, lover and devoted rope victim, Emmanuel. 

Our doors will open at 20u30 and close at 21u30 the night will go on until 02:00. There will be Thirty-five spots available. 

Throughout the evening, you’ll be able to witness Marie’s breathtaking performance, which is expected to last approximately 45 minutes. The performance starts at 22u.

After the show, soft free play will be permitted, allowing you to explore your own desires and connections. While heavy play might not be possible due to the number of attendees, rest assured that the atmosphere will be infused with passion and possibility.

For those who wish, feel free to bring your own ropes, or purchase them here or at the event. And, if fortune smiles upon you, Marie herself might even offer to tie you in an experience like no other.

Get ready to be transported to a world where desires come alive, and join us for an evening of unforgettable memories.

Marie Sauvage

“For Marie, shibari is a celebration of this intimacy. By reveling in the eroticized human body, the elegant lines of rope defy the pull of gravity, transcending both muse and audience to a realized freedom. One is left spellbound in the perfume of Marie’s performance.” -Alina Mahalic, The Beauty Cult

Marie Sauvage is a boundary-breaking artist known for her unique approach to Shibari, a Japanese art form involving rope tying. Studying art and finding inspiration in live drawing classes, she embraces the beauty of the human form in her performances. With a feminine perspective, she has made Shibari more accessible and intriguing to a broader audience, going beyond traditional SM culture to emphasize mutual trust and vulnerability. Marie’s authentic and sensual performances create a mesmerizing experience that celebrates the intimate connection between the rigger, muse, and audience.

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Join Marie Sauvage into the world of sensual rope play and discover the beauty and power of restraint, surrender, and connection. 


What will happen?

The doors open at 20u30 and close at 21u30. By 22u the performance will take place. Free play is permitted/encouraged until the end of the evening around 2u. Drinks and snacks will be served throughout the evening. 


Let your attire radiate with the magic and elegance of this special event, where bold choices are celebrated. Dare to go chic and sophisticated or boldly avant-garde – this night is all about embracing your individuality and immersing in the captivating world of rope.

So, dress to dazzle and become part of an unforgettable, breathtaking display where sensuality and creativity intertwine in a spectacle like no other!

Who can attend?

Are you intrigued by the world of kink? is shibari something which remains a mystery or do you finally want to see Marie Sauvage Perform live? then this evening is for you! 

 Treat yourself to the solo adventure, bring your Lover or surprise your friend. As long as you arrive with an open mind you are welcome. Please note that the minimum age for attendance is 21, ensuring a vibrant and mature atmosphere.

What about my privacy?

During the performance, you are more than welcome to take pictures. To ensure everyone’s comfort, please ensure that no one else is inadvertently captured in your frames without their explicit permission. Please refrain from using flash photography. 

During the Rest of the night, you are allowed to take pictures but we kindly ask that you respect the privacy and consent of others attending the event.

A photographer will be present to capture fragments of the performance and overall mood of the evening. Frontal face photo’s or videos will not be taken, he will mainly focus on the performance of Marie Sauvage. Please do not hesitate to inform the photographer if you do not want to be visible in any shape or form.


For those arriving by car, there is a chance to find street parking or nearby options. Alternatively, a larger paying parking (Pidpa) lot is available just a 7-minute walk from the studio. If you prefer public transport, Antwerp South station is conveniently situated within a 10-minute walk from the studio.


Contact us on info@spnkd.com