Couples Workshop - Impact and Intimacy with rope

Advanced Beginners

Explore advanced rope techniques and create intense, intimate moments with our hands-on workshop, designed for enthusiastic beginners to master new principles and enhance their Shibari skills.

Time & Location

Sunday September 22, 13:00 – 18:00
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 200 / couple


Elevate your rope bondage skills with our advanced workshop designed for enthusiastic beginners eager to deepen their practice. Building on the foundational techniques from previous sessions, we’ll explore new principles and their application to craft intense and intimate moments with ropes.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to create safe, secure harnesses and seductive positions. We’ll focus on advanced movement, control, and non-verbal communication, emphasizing boundaries and consent throughout. You’ll also delve into rope flow and tension management, mastering the art of effective friction to enhance both partners’ experiences.

For whom is it?

This workshop is tailored for couples of all ages and gender configurations who have a basic understanding of Japanese-inspired rope bondage and want to further refine their skills. You’ll learn to engage effectively, aesthetically, and playfully in your rope sessions, applying new patterns in private or during a Jam.


Participants should have prior experience with the basics of Japanese-inspired rope bondage.

What will you learn? 

 As a rigger:

  • Building on previously learned Shibari fundamentals
  • Constructing solid harnesses with a deeper understanding
  • Safely executing the first semi-suspensions
  • Mastering non-technical aspects like rope communication and tools for shared intimacy
  • Gaining confidence for private sessions and Jam applications

As  a rope-bottom:

  • Attuning to your body, feelings, and sensations
  • Gaining confidence in semi-suspensions by surrendering to gravity
  • Enjoying the impact of the rope and learning to embrace it
  • Recognizing and communicating your emotional and physical limits
  • Debunking common myths about the rope-bottom role
  • Understanding your responsibility within rope dynamics

Prepare for a practical, immersive experience where you’ll tie and be tied extensively, enhancing your skills and creating memorable connections through rope.

Meet the experts:

Natasha NawaTaNeko is a Berlin-based Kinbaku specialist who combines her extensive experience as a rope bottom and educator to explore deep emotional and physical connections through rope. Her background in Sexological Bodywork and a decade of hands-on practice enrich her teaching, focusing on enhancing intimate experiences with rope.
Website: www.RopeSomatics.com | IG / Fetlife: @nawataneko

Alexander Ma brings over 20 years of experience in BDSM, with a journey that culminates in a passion for Japanese Rope Bondage. His fascination with the interplay of sensations and energy exchange shines through in his work. Together with Natasha, he co-founded a private studio in Berlin, where their shared love for rope and intimacy thrives.
Website: https://discoverkinbaku.com/en/


For the workshop it is best to wear something light and comfortable. Make sure that you wear clothes that fit. That makes it easier for you to tie.

It is pleasantly warm in our Playroom because of the floor heating. The focus during the workshop is on transferring information and ‘learning’ techniques. Please note, this is not an erotic workshop! The clothes stay on.


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