Couples Workshop - From zero to patterns and play with rope

Absolute Beginners

Discover the art of Japanese-inspired rope bondage with our workshop for absolute beginners, where you and your partner will learn the basics and develop playful, practical patterns together.

Time & Location

Saturday September 21, 13:00 – 18:00
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 200 / couple


This is the workshop for enthusiastic beginners who want to explore Japanese-inspired rope bondage. Right from the beginning, we address both partners who take an active, albeit different, role. After a brief introduction to safety, you will explore different qualities of contact through the rope.

We will introduce a few basic principles and you will learn how to combine them, developing “real” patterns for play with your partner. We will emphasize movement, control, (non-verbal) communication, emotional and physical limits, as well as consent. The goal is for you to be able to create beautiful shared moments in ropes.

This is a practical workshop: you will tie and get tied a lot.

For whom is it?

This workshop is for couples (of all ages and gender constellations) who are (absolute) beginners in Japanese-inspired bondage and want to learn simple principles to engage effectively, aesthetically, and playfully to find intimacy in the rope play together. You can apply the learned patterns directly for your play in private or on a Jam.

What will you learn? 

 As a rigger:

  • learning the first basic principles of Kinbaku and being able to apply them safely in private play or at a Jam
  • good foundation for further workshops
  • shifting the focus from technique to a shared experience
  • shaping bodies by the rope to create emotions
  • mastering intention based consent negotiation

As  a rope-bottom:

  • understanding your responsibility
  • developing positive communication pattern in ropes
  • getting familiar with a rope impact and learning to enjoy it
  • becoming aware of your emotional and physical limits
  • mastering intention based consent negotiation
  • unlearning common myths about being a rope bottom

Meet the experts:

Natasha Nawataneko is dedicated to finding true emotion and authenticity through rope bondage, viewing it as a deeply transformative and intimate practice. Her background in Sexological Bodywork and a decade of hands-on experience shape her teaching, focusing on how to use rope to enhance emotional and physical experiences.
Website: www.RopeSomatics.com | IG / Fetlife: @nawataneko

Alexander Ma explores the magic and energy of physical and emotional contact. His journey in BDSM, culminating in Japanese Rope Bondage, reflects his fascination with the interplay of sensations. Together with Natasha, they have created a private studio in Berlin, where their shared passion for rope and intimacy thrives.
Website: https://discoverkinbaku.com/en/


For the workshop it is best to wear something light and comfortable. Make sure that you wear clothes that fit. That makes it easier for you to tie.

It is pleasantly warm in our Playroom because of the floor heating. The focus during the workshop is on transferring information and ‘learning’ techniques. Please note, this is not an erotic workshop! The clothes stay on.


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