Couples Workshop - Do You Read Me? Somatic conversation through touch and ropes.


This workshop is for couples, lovers, rope and play partners looking to deepen and expand their nonverbal communication skills, in and out of ropes.

Time & Location

Saturday June 23, 13:30 – 17:30
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 150 / per couple


Let the flesh instruct the mind…”
—Anne Rice

This workshop approaches erotic rope bondage as a nonverbal (somatic) conversation between the person tying and the person getting tied, led by Ena Dahl.

In these four hours together, we will focus less on the hows—the technical aspect of Shibari, how to do certain knots and create patterns, etc—and rather on the whys and the whats: Why do we tie? Why are we having this session in the first place? What do we want to say to each other? What are we seeking to learn about each other, and ourselves? 

If a technical rope workshop is a grammar lesson, this is the equivalent of a creative writing class!

Level Beginners: As the person tying, you will get the most out of the workshop if you’re comfortable with the single-column tie and basic frictions. As the person getting tied, no experience is necessary, but it’s beneficial if this is not your first time in ropes. Switching is possible and encouraged.

Workshop will given in english

During the workshop, Ena will cover the following topics:

Setting intention 

Find your why, in general, Why do you do ropes?, and for a specific session, Why are we doing ropes together right now? What are we hoping to gain from it?

Tuning in, listening, and responding

Understand how to connect deeply with our partner(s) to be receptive to their signals and how to respond.

Active bottoming & authentic topping

Bottoms learn to be active participants, to help take the rope conversations from monologs to engaging dialogs. Tops are encouraged to shift focus away from service-topping (overfocus on guessing what their bottom wants) to speaking and inquiring from their own desire.  

Translating intention into meaningful actions

Gain tools to enrich your non-verbal vocabulary to express yourself better and more authentically. 

Vernacular and semantics of erotic rope bondage

Through hands-on exercises, using elements like time, pace, distance vs. closeness, quality of touch, gestures, and body language, explore ways to deliver your message while evoking different emotional states and reactions in your partner(s). 

The Teacher: Ena Dahl

A sensualist above all, Ena is a multidisciplinary creatrix working as a conscious kink and sensuality coach, bodyworker, and author, facilitating workshops, giving private sessions, and writing for various sex-positive publications and platforms. 

With a background in communication design, Ena has always been a creative storyteller, but a major life event in 2017 led her to discover the world of kink and BDSM, through which she reconnected with her sexuality and went on to change her career. Since then, she’s been on a mission to help others channel the vast potential of their sexual energy, to be more present in their bodies; to become sensualists.

Dress code

Wear something comfortable, light, and sensual. Partial nudity is welcome, yet we ask that underwear remain on.