Additional Performance Night - Mr Hajime Kinoko x SPNKD

For Lovers & Rulers

The setting will be divine.
Elevated erotism will fill the room.
Curated by Mr Hajime Kinoko, Hosted by SPNKD

Time & Location

Friday 27th of January 

Doors open 20u30 – 21u30
Antwerp, SPNKD Loft


€ 100 / per person
(bites & drinks included)


Your pleads were heard. 14 guests will have the exclusive possibility to attend an intimate Performance Night by Shibari Master and Artist Mr Hajime Kinoko at our loft.

The ticket sale for the Performance night on Saturday 28/01 was sold out at a rapid rate. We like to tease and deny, however we felt it would be more appropriate to give in to this exquisite treat. SPNKD invites you to spend your freaky Friday evening at SPNKD. Come and connect with your inner voyeur during the second performance night on Friday 27th.

Doors open at 20u30 (last admissions at 21u30). 

Pass the threshold to experience the mind twisting, reality bending rope ties off Mr Hajime Kinoko. Gather around and allow yourself to get caught in the web of intensity paired with a touch of sensuality.

Introduced to shibari by his then girlfriend, his journey started in 2001 when the ancestral art of tying sparked a deep rooted interest. 2003 was the year he was managing a fetish bar, a place where his passion grew & was nurtured by the late rope master Akechi Denki who was holding workshops at the bar. Mr Hajime Kinoko perfected his art and diversified, incorporating nature (such as trees and rocks) as well as projects involving the innovative use of space have especially won praise. In addition to performing live rope shows, he has recently been actively releasing artwork including photographs and video, often being in charge of tying, photography, and direction.

The infamous rigger is also well known outside of Japan, having conducted workshops in more than 20 major cities such as Paris, London, and Munich as well as in Japan. Mr Hajime Kinoko is a rope specialist representing Japan.

The performance will last for approx. 45min, It will be a curated series of suspension transition sequences supported by his model/muse. After the performance Mr Hajime Kinoko is available for a chat and any questions you have. When you’re a master in your field, there is limited time for English lessons! Please take into account that his level of English is basic. 

Tickets will be going fast, secure your spot now! 

The Teacher: Mr Hajime Kinoko

“For me, shibari is about ‘connection’.

When tying someone, it’s not about capturing or tying that person. I cherish the ‘connection’ with the model the most. To me it feels like I am tying myself with the model like strings connecting two paper cups to make a paper toy telephone. When I tie someone with a strong feeling that the model is important, I can feel many things such as how they want to be tied with rope, at what timing and where. And I can tie depending on the models’ desires. The lines created when I tie that way are like waves that carve rocks and create cliffs. I create lines like those created by nature, and only exist between the model and I. I feel those are wonderful and beautiful. That is the shibari that I pursue.”

(Source: http://shibari.jp )

The Model: Door

For Door, rope modeling is a never-ending journey of going deeper into the current moment and into herself. In a rope session she has no goal other than Being, to the best of her abilities. She sees herself as a raw material used by the rigger in their creative process and in that she believes that both roles are instrumental in achieving high quality of bondage. 

The skills she sees as the most important for a model are body awareness and genuine expression. Both require practice, in and out of ropes. Therefore, apart from kinbaku, she practises other performing arts and various body-mind techniques. 

“The possibilities of your mind, your body and the connection between them to develop and entertain you are endless if you let them. It’s all about maintaining an attitude of curiosity and engagement.”

-Excerpt from her Blog post “On the merit of patience in rope models”. Read more here

Visit www.sm-othered.com for more inspiring content.

Photo by Dolph Vex. Rigger Asiana. Rope Model Door.

What will happen?

The doors open at 20u30 and close at 21u30. By 21u45 the performance will take place and this will end at 22u30. Mr Kinoko will be available to meet and connect with after the show. We heard through the grapevine, there might be a few lucky ones who he will tie. 

Free play is permitted/encouraged until the end of the evening. Still your thirst at our bar, your hunger can be fed with snacks, if not tools and rope are also available. 

What to wear?

Dress like a Lover or a Ruler. When entering the world of SPNKD you need to dress to impress. Think classy & sexy,  lingerie & suits. Add as much kink as you want. Tempting textures like satin, leather, lace or latex. Express yourself. Whether in a gorgeous dress or a sleek suit, wear something that makes you feel seductive.

Who can attend?

Are you intrigued by the world of kink? Is shibari something which remains a mystery or do you finally want to see Mr Hajime Kinoko Perform live? Then this evening is for you! 

Treat yourself to the solo adventure, Bring your Lover or surprise your Friend. As long as you arrive with an open mind you are welcome to attend. 

What about my privacy?

During the event a photographer will be present to capture fragments of the performance and overall mood of the evening. Frontal face photo’s or videos will not be taken, he will mainly focus on the performance of Mr Hajime Kinoko. Please do not hesitate to inform the photographer if you do not want to be visible in any shape or form.

Private workshop

On Saturday the 28th of January there is one available time slot during noon/afternoon for a private session with Mr Hajime Kinoko at the studio. Please send us an email if you are interested and require more information. The info: The private session will be tailored to your level of Shibari. The fee is €500 per couple for an intensive 2 hour session with Mr Hajime Kinoko, drinks/snacks included. Please bring your own ropes or purchase them at the beginning of the workshop.